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How to use cannabis to stop smoking

How to use cannabis to stop smoking

Let’s explore several ways to take CBD here to break free from tobacco addiction. It is not as difficult as you might think to replace nicotine with cannabis.

We are living in an exciting time. The crippling control of information is quickly slipping through the advent of the internet. It might seem like a statement worthy of a proponent of conspiracy theories wearing an aluminum hat. Still, it seems that all the hidden scientific truths are finally getting recognition pushed back too long in our time.

Not so long ago, “Doctors” -actors spoke openly about cigarettes’ health benefits on national television. Fortunately, with current standards, this would be considered a crime. Nowadays, we are paying the bitter price of manipulating propaganda. In the United States alone, about 1,300 deaths a day are directly related to smoking. That’s almost half a million people a year. Smoking tobacco is more than an addiction. It is an epidemic that must be stopped.



A study from University College London has confirmed that CBD can help reduce cigarette addiction by 40%. The method of administration used in this trial was a CBD inhaler. In this double-blind experiment of 24 individuals over one week, half of the participants received a CBD-rich inhaler while the rest received a placebo.

During the week, they monitored the participants. The results showed clearly that the placebo group had no significant reduction in cigarette consumption. However, the other group ended up with a 40% reduction in consumption in just one week.

CBD inhalers are very similar to albuterol asthma inhalers, except that they do not contain albuterol. Besides, psychoactive cannabinoid THC is absent in these inhalers. These inhalers are the most recent innovations. Moreover, these are not yet available in most regions. Many of the best-equipped cannabis dispensaries and online stores offer them. These inhalers are not standard vaporizers. They contain neither propylene glycol (PG) nor vegetable glycerin (VG).

CBD oils work extremely well. Hospitals use vaporizers to administer various medications, from nebulized morphine for severe interstitial lung disease to nebulized surfactants for premature babies with, or at risk of, respiratory distress syndromes.

While this administration’s effectiveness seems to be the most suitable for combating tobacco addictions, it is far from being the only one. You can inhale, ingest, and smoke CBD.

It’s urgent to understand that CBD is just one of the many cannabinoids that work synergistically with the endocannabinoid system. And that one person’s lack is dependent on another.

In the following list, I have mentioned the potential applications of CBD on the body:

  • Neuroprotective
  • Anticonvulsant
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Analgesic
  • Anti-tumor
  • Antipsychotic
  • Anti-anxiety
  • Treats a wide range of substance use disorders
  • Acne
  • Diabetes
  • Fibromyalgia and other chronic pain syndromes
  • Insomnia
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Sorry to say, but, etc.!

This list seems to be constantly increasing with the release of new research on the benefits of CBD.



A modern saying says that “the only addictive thing about cannabis is its culture .” And even if we don’t make any claims about this saying’s integrity. We ensure you that growing weed is one of the most pleasant activities you can do.

Nothing beats the satisfaction of reaping what you have sown and consuming what you grow. The cultivation of medical cannabis is improving dramatically every year. It’s great luck for us to legally access strains high in CBD and low THC on the market.

Our cannabis strain has an incredibly high content of 10-20% CBD and less than 1% THC, depending on the phenotype. CBD moon rock is perfect for those seeking only the medical benefits of cannabis, without any psychoactive effects (which others love and seek).

These feminized seeds will grow like any other regular recreational variety, giving good performance in an indoor and outdoor environment. There are two main phenotypes to watch out for: a clearly sativa with a lower CBD content of around 10%, while the indica phenotype will produce higher yields with around 20.6% CBD. Laboratory analyzes show that regardless of the phenotype used, the THC content is minute and below 1%.



Fast Eddy is an auto-flowering variety. The cannabis community consensus is that auto-flowering strains containing genetics from the ruderalis family tend to have higher CBD content. But Fast Eddy goes a little further. It contains high CBD and only 9% THC. This variety is, therefore, a fabulous choice for those who seek to consume large amounts of weed for therapeutic purposes without being too “stunned.”

Autoflowering strains are also a blessing as it is the easiest form of cannabis to grow. Perfect for beginners and experienced growers, the cars are photo-agnostic, which means they don’t need a separate light cycle for vegetation and flowering. It will take you about 8.5 weeks from seed to harvest, with excellent yields and quality buds.



What will happen if two of the most prominent cannabis breeder teams work together on a project? Magic. And that’s what CBD Blue Shark is. From the brains of Barney’s Farm and the CBD Crew, this strain has one of the most sought after characteristics in the medical weed industry – a high THC to CBD ratio of 1: 1.

It’s rare to see such a ratio, so note it down. The variety not only has a THC content of 6.5% and a CBD content of 6.5%, but it also inherits the flavors and smells of an emblematic variety, Blue Cheese. For a more practical side, CBD Blue Shark is offered in feminized form, and it is an Indica-dominant variety. It’s a very manageable plant that gives excellent yields.



There is a solution for the impatient who can’t wait for the harvest or don’t like inhaling anything, or need higher CBD concentration. Fortunately, CBD oils that contain no THC, additives, or impurities are also available. Take, for example, the golden CBD oils and flexible CBD capsules from Cibdol, which contain one of the purest CBDs on the market. Produced in Switzerland under the strictest laboratory surveillance, it is impossible to do better. Pure CBD oil, practical in a bottle or capsules, to guarantee the absence of any waste thanks to an easy dosage.



CBD Vapes are e-liquids to use with your favorite vaporizer. They offer a clean feeling, without nicotine, which does not contain any products derived from combustion simply because there is no combustion at all! Vaporization is considered to be a safe and healthy way to inhale for pleasure, and now, by adding CBD to the liquid mixture, you can also consider it medicinal.

Unlike smoking, you will not pollute your surroundings with a persistent smell that lasts for days. The vaporizers are greatly discreet. When you exhale the vapor, it dissipates quickly before your eyes, and, in a few minutes, nobody will know anything about it. The speed of administration of CBD in your system is the prominent benefit of this method.



No matter which method you prefer to absorb CBD for, it can help you quit smoking. However, be aware that the very first thing is to have the willpower to quit smoking. You could be stuffed with CBD at the funnel. The chances of resuming smoking will still be high if you don’t have a strong intention to quit smoking.

Some argue that nicotine is not the main culprit in tobacco addiction. Commercial tobacco contains several dozen other substances harmful to the body. Nothing is definitively determined on this point. But one thing is certain; smoking tobacco only harms. From addiction to dopamine release to lung cancer, smoking is nothing funny.

CBD has a great medical prospect in the 21st century – no one can deny it. It is quite ironic that the consumption of cannabis, once demonized, has now become a potential savior against our real enemy – tobacco.

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