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Marijuana for Sex: History & Benefits of Cannabis for Sex


From India’s tantric ban to the counterculture of “free love” during the 1960s. Marijuana users have attributed aphrodisiac effects to the plant. But is there sufficient scientific basis to claim that this is true? Today’s article will give you a clear, fact-based explanation of the relationship between marijuana and sex. So, you can see if all these assumptions about the benefits of cannabis in sex are real.

There is no drug more erotic than cannabis. Although people use cocaine widely for sexual purposes, the latter’s philosophy enters more into the field of consumerism and competitiveness – to last longer, to have more power. On the other hand, marijuana has a reputation for improving the quality of sex, not necessarily for prolonging it.

This plant has a long and historical relationship with sexuality. Traditional Indian medicine has dozens of formulas with marijuana, which physicians prescribed as aphrodisiacs. Moreover, these were said to have the ability to increase erection time, facilitate disinhibition or amplify sensations and desire. In 19th-century Serbia, virgin women were given a mixture of lamb fat and cannabis – what was known as Nasha – on their wedding night to lessen the pain of their first penetration. Another recipe used by Serb women was to mix marijuana, egg white, saffron, and sugar to make Guc-kand. This tonic incited an erotic mood and was also given to young men to ease the pain of circumcision.

Cannabis has been used for sexual purposes almost all over the world. Prostitutes, wives, and concubines used this herb when they had to ‘work’ or have relationships with their husbands. Although not always willingly, it was a way of becoming more sexually predisposed to satisfy men or husbands.

A brief history of the relationship between marijuana and sex

Marijuana has had a long history in traditional medicine as an aphrodisiac that helps enhance sexual experiences. However, due to restrictions surrounding cannabis use in many countries, it has been impossible to carry out assertive research focused on scientifically proven facts. Most of the knowledge disclosed on this topic has come from consumers whose experiences have been positive for many and negative for others. However, we know that humans have a natural endocannabinoid system, with receptors located in many parts of the body, directly related to sex and the treatment of problems related to sexual health. Therefore, it is crucial to continue fighting for the legalization of marijuana so that anyone can do much more research on the subject.

What are the effects of marijuana on sex?

When it comes to sex life, marijuana can help you improve your sexual experiences or solve problems related to sex. Indeed, you have had to read that the consequences of marijuana on the body are harmful, such as reducing sperm count or adversely impacting sexual desire. However, there are many ways that cannabis can improve your sex life.

Tame the anxiety of sex with marijuana

Sex can be a very stressful experience for many people. The effects of marijuana before and during sex can help ease the anxiety associated with sex. CBD, one of the components of marijuana, researchers recognized for reducing stress, anxiety and creating a general mood of relaxation. Choosing high CBD strains and low THC or using pure CBD hemp or pure CBD concentrates before sexual activity can help activate endocannabinoids directly related to reducing anxiety and stress levels.

Spice up your sex life

Smoking or using marijuana orally can help improve your sexual performance. THC, the cannabinoid is responsible for the psychotropic impacts, also can make users more active, creative, and energetic. The effects of high-THC marijuana can activate parts of your brain that make you more creative and expressive in bed, making you more open to trying new things, like different positions or sex toys.

Sex with marijuana: experience the best sex of your life

For many people, sex can be a physically painful experience. Fortunately, one of the main side effects is the reduction of inflammation and pain. Using cannabis before having sex can help reduce pain during sex; You can ingest marijuana orally, smoking it, or applying creams directly to the areas where you feel pain during sex. You can consider cannabis as a vasodilator (that is, it opens veins and increases blood flow), and therefore can make you more sensitive to the touch and intensify your orgasms.

Nobody does it as a couple of smoking weed does it!

In addition to increasing your creativity during sex, strains high in THC can help improve communication between partners. Because THC disinhibits people and makes them more reflective. These side effects interact with communication between partners, creating a more open and communicative sexual relationship. Using marijuana during sex also creates a feeling of a deep connection between lovers.

What is the appropriate dose for sex? Identify your limits

No matter where you consume it, too much marijuana can cause adverse effects, such as laziness, paranoia, tiredness, and anxiety, detrimental to healthy and satisfying sexual experiences. Therefore, you must know your limits associated with the use of marijuana. Avoid consuming edibles before sex. Because edible dosages can be difficult to determine. Moreover, it’s challenging to find out how much THC and CBD are in your weed before using it. So you can choose the perfect dosage to have a good time.

Is it correct to consider some varieties as aphrodisiacs?

Different types of marijuana are classified as an aphrodisiac and specifically designed to provide beneficial properties for a healthier and more successful sexual life. Be sure to review the benefits of the different marijuana strains to determine which one is the best for you and your partner.

SexBud: energy and concentration

An ideal strain for having sex with marijuana is SexBud. It’s the cannabis with a high THC content. The SexBud will help you feel more energized and focused while keeping your senses elevated. The effects of SexBud marijuana will cause an experience full of fun and joy for you and your partner.

Viagra: the blue pill made from marijuana

Suppose you are looking for a much more active sexual experience. In that case, you can try Viagra. Viagra is a 50/50 sativa / indica hybrid specifically designed to give you an extra boost of energy and boost your mood. This strain contains antidepressant qualities that will help you live out all your most desired fantasies, and it is one of the best marijuana for increasing male arousal. It’s the perfect choice for your daytime or nighttime activities with a sweet blend of citrus, vanilla, and spice flavors.

  • Photoperiod
  • 15 – 22%
  • All varieties of heaven
  • 400 – 500 g / m² indoors

Eliminate anxiety with Skunk # 11

In particular, this strain aims to relieve anxiety. So, if you are a person who suffers from anxiety or stress during sex, this cannabis is the perfect one for you. The sativa-dominant Skunk # 11 promises to provide relief and calm for your racing nerves and thoughts, making it an ideal choice for overcoming your sexual fears.

Research Says It: The Effects of Marijuana Benefit Sex Life

In the US National Family Growth Survey, they investigated a sample of 50,000 people. They concluded that cannabis users have more sex than those who do not use it. These results were consistent across age groups, genders, religions, races and ethnicities, and educational and income levels. This data could probably be related to other research that also showed that endocannabinoids are highly present in the sexual reproductive organs and those parts of the brain involved in sexual function. Cannabis use activates endocannabinoids that can help make sex more enjoyable in so many ways.

In your bed or mine?

As we have seen, there seems to be a sufficient scientific basis to ensure that marijuana can help improve your sexual experiences. Besides, it can solve a wide variety of sexual problems in different ways. It is practically proven that cannabis brings positive benefits to people’s sexual lives, from intensifying the sensations experienced in orgasms to alleviating anxiety related to sex.


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