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Marijuana Packaging When and Why

Preserving marijuana is one of the most important processes that cannabis cultivation ultimately performs. The work and effort made after growing your plants will not be well reflected if you do not carry out good conservation of marijuana.

If you have obtained a good quantity of product, you must carry out this process well. With the help of good tools, you will maintain and preserve marijuana in perfect condition for a long time. The difference between packaging and keeping a weed in good condition and not doing it is palpable in the final quality of the marijuana. By marijuana packaging, you will achieve a better quality than the average of the growers.

In Tecnocultivo, you have several products to carry out the correct packaging, and you will find all the necessary means to preserve it for a long time after packaging it.



If you plan to consume your product after a while, you must package the marijuana optimally. Why? Because in this way, it will keep all its properties intact until the moment you decide to get your hands on it.

Normally they advise you to pack marijuana when the quantity obtained is quite large. This need not be so. You can also pack small quantities. Like all types of marijuana, they can be the same. You can pack medical, auto-flowering, indoor, or outdoor marijuana in the same way.

Vacuum packaging marijuana is one of the most efficient and optimal preservation techniques out there. The hermetic and airless closure inside the container or bag allows us to preserve all the properties and qualities of marijuana. In addition, it allows the elimination of the little humidity that may remain, thus avoiding the appearance of fungi, molds, or that it becomes excessively dry.

This vacuum preservation method is widely used by growers who produce large amounts of cannabis. Thanks to this type of packaging, the green material will occupy half the space if we keep it in the typical wooden box. The convenience of transportation and handling is much better. Another important factor in vacuum packaging marijuana is that it hardly gives off any odor.

For marijuana to be optimally preserved after packaging, the idea is to keep it in a place away from external light (solar or artificial), aggressive odors, humidity, and sudden temperature changes.

By following these simple guidelines for the maintenance of packaged herbs, you will be able to preserve your harvest for a long time, even years, without losing any THC or properties.


To proceed with packaging, you must first have carried out an optimal drying and curing of marijuana. As we talked about in previous posts, you have to be patient to dry and cure marijuana. This is how you will get the maximum potential from your marijuana, thanks to its slow drying and curing.

After carrying out these two processes and having the marijuana ready to preserve, it is time to package the marijuana.

Always make sure that marijuana does not contain too much moisture before packaging, just enough to keep it in optimal conditions for a long time. If the marijuana still contains some moisture and necessity, you have to start removing it from the environment. You can use the Boveda envelopes. These will allow you to keep the final product at the optimum humidity point.


To pack marijuana, you must first be sure that your buds are perfectly manicured, dried, and cured. For optimal packaging and to be able to preserve marijuana for a long season intact, you can use different tools: vacuum bags, glass jars, vacuum cans, conservation cans, or conservation bags with iron closure.

The packaging chosen will vary depending on the amount you want to keep as there are different sizes of products for packaging. If you intend to pack a large quantity of marijuana (more than 1 kg), the idea is that you choose the conservation bags with iron closure or the TightTvac hermetic jars. These cans exist in fairly large sizes that allow you to conserve and transport up to 1 kg of marijuana.

On the other hand, if the amount you want to keep is much lower than the one we mentioned before (less than 500 grams, about 100 or 200 gr), the ideal would be to choose either the closure conservation bags with a vacuum packer or the bags with airtight closure. The latter is designed to conserve or transport less amount of dried marijuana.

There are also small Tight Tvac jars (0.6l or 0.12l capacity) that are ideal for preserving (and especially transporting marijuana), preventing it from smelling everywhere.

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