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Slactvis Syrup (Medicated) – 4 oz Bottle 1500mg of THC. Very potent syrup, dose with caution. Mix with your favorite drink or drink straight up, 4 doses per bottle. Available in Watermelon, Grape, Tangerine, and Bubble gum flavors.
for the 1 oz single-dose bottle $45 for the 4 oz bottle. 1oz bottle has 350 mg of THC and 4 oz has 1500 mg of THC. It contains very potent medical hashish. May cause heavy couch lock, laziness, and great rest as well as the possibility of waking up in public naked. Award-winning medical cannabis syrup made in the bay area.


Slactvis Syrup (CBD Cannabis) is four fluid ounces of pure pain relief. This particular product is made with Pure CBD Oil, a type of concentrated cannabis oil that has many health benefits. Those experiencing drug withdrawal or cancer-related pain symptoms will definitely want to try this medication, although I would recommend it to anyone who needs some relief. The texture of this product is very slimy, very similar to cough syrup, but slightly thicker. Unlike other edible medications, this medication does not include a suggested dosage (however, it does mention avoiding drinking the full bottle unless you have a day off). where to Buy Slactavis Syrup, CBD Cannabis Syrup for pain

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  • Fight depression
  • uplifting and energetic
  • cerebral, spatial or hallucinogenic
  • Pain relief


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