The Best Way to Germinate Marijuana Seeds

The Best Way to Germinate Marijuana Seeds

The Best Way to Germinate Marijuana Seeds

Today you can find different methods to germinate marijuana seeds safely. Still, the main thing to consider is the temperature of the place where they are going to grow since the ambient temperature will guarantee the success of a harvest. , since both by excess or default, your marijuana varieties can suffer variations. Therefore it is best to provide a stable environment, ensuring that the seeds are between 26ºC and 27ºC.

To germinate marijuana seeds safely:

  1. Soak your marijuana seeds a few hours before, and place a base of wet napkins in a Tupper.
  2. Without getting washed, spread the seeds on top and cover them with other napkins of the same model.
  3. Close the upper and place it on a heat source that is not too high, an electronic device.

After one or two days, when the roots begin to emerge, you can carefully transfer them to a small pot. 

For effective cannabis seed planting, you must maintain a series of steps and adequately water your plants. You can add hydrogen peroxide, which has antifungal properties and helps the water has more oxygen. You have to select a suitable place for germination and make sure of the environment and the temperature.

What is the best way to germinate seeds?

Hemp seed germination is the method by which a seed is born and grows into a seedling. For this, a series of factors must be present: humidity, oxygen, darkness, and heat:

  • Humidity: for the seed to germinate, there must be a humidity of around 90%.
  • Oxygen: You also need enough oxygen to start development.
  • Darkness: it is essential to avoid direct light on the seeds, preventing them from germinating.
  • Heat: the seeds should be in a warm environment, with a temperature between 20-24ºC. It should never drop below 20ºC, so if necessary, we must look for sources of heat.

If these factors are not adequate, the seed will not germinate. That is why we must be careful during germination since we ensure that the seed’s parameters are suitable.

 How do you germinate marijuana seeds quickly and at home? 

A straightforward and helpful process consists of putting the seeds in a glass of water and letting them rest until you see that the root begins to come out. When this happens, and with great care, you can transplant them without introducing them very deep into the earth, leaving that can come to light.

 How do marijuana seeds germinate in propagators?


  • -There are some pressed peat discs where the seeds can germinate, which is one of the most used means.
  • -First, you have to moisten the seeds in water. Better if bottled because the tap contains lime that can spoil the seeds, and let them rest in a dark place for 48 – 72 hours until they take root.
  • -Hydrate the germinator with mineral water, wait for them to swell, and then make a small hole and insert the root, leaving the seed head flush.
  • -Keep the seeds moistened at a temperature between 21ºc and 23ºC and under a powerful light.

  • Germinating white seed marijuana seeds is another method used when growing your roots since it causes the phenomenon known as gravitropism to occur, 
  • This means that in addition to increasing at a faster rate, it causes basipetal growth of the roots and that the leaves of the plant grow upwards.
  • -The seeds must be soaked for at least 12 hours so that the shell is adequately hydrated and the soil sterilized with quality substrates, such as worm humus.
  • -You must put one seed per pot so that they do not interfere with each other, moisten the soil and introduce the roots. Leave the banks in a warm, dark place until you see the plant begin to emerge, at which point you can place it in the light.
  • -A widespread practice among Cannalovers is to preserve marijuana seeds in a conservation box such as Box 00 Box and later germinate them after a while. They are commonly known as “old marijuana.” 

Marijuana seed germination time

The weed starter pot time of marijuana seeds can be faster or less. It varies depending on many aspects, temperature, environment, genetics, age of the source, the method you use for germination, humidity, light, etc.

Marijuana seeds can take to germinate between 2 or 10 days. You have to be patient and watch that the seed’s conditions are suitable; see, it is moistened and in a dark place.


How do you germinate marijuana seeds on land?

Germinating marijuana seeds in the ground is the method most used by most growers, especially among growers who are not professionally growing cannabis. I will give you a series of tips and indications so that you can germinate your marijuana seeds on the ground without making mistakes and being a success.

  • Control the PH of water and soil with specific devices for measuring PH.
  • Prepare all the material before starting; remember everything! You must have all the fertilizers and fertilizers you will need ready.
  • Analyze your climate and the characteristics of your seeds. It would help if you chose well. And you must know ideally the attributes of your source to be able to get the best possible use of it.

Use mother earth for germinating your marijuana seeds. You will obtain much better results. If you place it in the garden’s right area where it receives the hours of light they need to grow strong and healthy, you will obtain much higher productivity. The most used method to germinate is soil. 

Germinate Marijuana Seeds with Coconut Fiber

Germinating cannabis seeds with coconut fiber is highly effective. Because coconuts’ thread has oxygenation capacity, which helps a lot in the development of the roots, reaching a 90% germination level. Let’s go step by step:

  1. Work the coconut fiber well with your hands so that not a single compaction remains, to later place it in the pot where we will germinate.
  2. Hydrates the coconut fiber very well, with quality water.
  3. Once well-hydrated, make a 1cm hole to implant the seed.
  4. Cover the seed with soil, and add a couple of drops of water.

 Now maintain good hydration and stable temperature, letting nature take its course. The coconut substrate’s fundamental advantages are that it allows root growth greater than other substrates. Moreover, they grasp moisture smoothly. As a result, your seeds will grow and turns into larger plants and provides you with more production. 


Toilet paper, Napkins?

Undoubtedly, germinating marijuana seeds in toilet paper will not be possible since toilet paper is designed to dissolve in contact with water and not clog the pipes at home. In contrast, kitchen paper is designed to absorb the most water possible, which will cause your marijuana seeds to germinate correctly.

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Ah! I forgot, always keep in mind when you start germinating your marijuana seeds with blotting paper, place 30% more of the sources you want to sprout because these methods are not infallible, and some may not germinate.


Germinate Cannabis Seeds with Alcohol

It is a much better method to use hydrogen peroxide, where we will soak them. It will give the seeds more nutrients and oxygen and help their growth.

How to germinate in cotton?

Germinating your marijuana seeds in cotton has a procedure that is the same as in wet napkins. The only difference is that covering the bases on top with another layer of moistened cotton is unnecessary. In this way, even if they are in a closed container, It is not necessary to open it or remove the top layer to see if our plants’ roots have begun to emerge, which is more favorable when it comes to allowing them to sprout.


Germinate with light or without light?


To germinate your marijuana seeds, they must be in the dark. Once the roots have started to sprout, it is time to finish the germination process of your marijuana seeds by placing your plants under sunlight or the foci of your indoor growing. Still, until then, the planting must remain in a closed and covered container and a dark and humid place. To germinate your marijuana seeds, they need to be in the dark.

 How to germinate with water?

Another method to germinate your marijuana seeds is using a glass of water, which is much more comfortable and easy to handle than germinating your marijuana seeds in a dish. You must place it in a warm and dark place between 20-22 degrees, adjusting the PH of the water between 6.0 and 6.5, and then the seeds are added. You should change this water every 24 hours or add a drop of hydrogen peroxide to prevent it from rotting.

During the initial germination process, your marijuana seeds are in a water bottle and will float on it. Still, as soon as they begin to open between 24 and 72 hours, they will fall to the bottom. Once the root has peeked out, remove the cotton or napkins from the water and plant them in the pot at a depth of 0.5 to 1 cm.

Remember to germinate your marijuana seeds in water. You need to use mineral water, although if the tap water in your area meets the PH requirements, you can also use it. For quality, I prefer mineral water.

Why use hydrogen peroxide? 

Using hydrogen peroxide in your cannabis seeds’ germination process has widely demonstrated benefits, which I will detail. In the first place, opting for the germination of your bases with water in a bottle, add a drop of hydrogen peroxide to it. It prevents the water from rotting and eliminates fungi and bacteria. But it would help if you changed it every 24 hours. Adding a drop of hydrogen peroxide removes fungi and bacteria.

How to germinate with auto-flowering?

The auto-flowering seeds are the most cultivated of the time, especially for short periods of flowering, strength has against its feminized sisters, and times when the speed and dominant time our lives are becoming necessary notoriety.

Its germination process is identical to that of feminized or regular seeds, so you will not have to do anything different. 

Is there a difference according to race?

The germination of marijuana seeds is the same regardless of the breed. Only the germination period of each variety will vary, but the processes of germination methods are all universal. However, as we have seen above, some of them are especially Indicated for certain types of crops because it is where they obtain the highest yield.


How to use the lunar calendar for germinating my seeds?

For thousands of years, human beings used the different phases of the moon for agriculture. Today, the lunar calendar is significant to obtain the best possible performance from your cannabis plants.

The moon phases can exert a different force based on their position in many aspects of life, including marijuana crops and all their stages, including the germination of cannabis seeds.

The ideal moon phase to germinate your marijuana seeds, according to the lunar calendar, is the Crescent phase. During this stage, the moon increases its rays’ power, to which the plants respond with an increase in foliage and roots. The end of this stage is the absolute one to germinate your seeds, so you will start planting them on the first day of the full moon. 

What to do if Cannabis Seeds do not Germinate?

If your cannabis seeds aren’t germinated, it can result from several poorly executed actions, such as the seeds becoming excessively wet or the temperature exceeding what is necessary. The sources used were not ready for planting. When these cases occur, take other seeds for your subsequent efforts. 


Action after Seed Germination

When germinating cannabis seeds, you must transfer them to the seed plot. Since, during the first week, you won’t see any practical progress, you have to keep patient. Still, from then on, events skyrocket at a crazy speed. 

Germinating in Winter and Summer

Since marijuana seeds need to have a warm climate and a good dose of sunlight to grow strong and vigorously. Yes, germinating your marijuana seeds in summer is the logical thing to do. Especially if you opt for an outdoor crop. 

It is always advisable to start planting well into spring since the temperatures are ideal for the seeds to take hold and deliver their best version.

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