Hybrid Strains

When an Indica and a Sativa variety are crossed, a plant is obtained that exhibits both the best traits. Sometimes the result can be more Indica or Sativa dominance, but when specific characteristics of its parents are highlighted, what is known as a variety with hybrid vigor is obtained.

Marijuana hybrids usually flower between 8 and 10 weeks from germination and can present a great diversity of terpenes, growth structures, and their buds’ appearance. Hybrids are generally more suitable for tutored techniques and are not usually excessively small or tall and skinny plants like Sativas. They typically develop a medium internodal space and stretch moderately when the photoperiod changes to 12/12.


Hybrids produce a balanced high that does not speed up the mind, nor does it produce a robust narcotic joy. These plants will make you feel alert and focused, White Bubblegum, so they can be consumed throughout the day, being excellent in social situations. People with certain diseases can also benefit from the consumption of hybrids to improve mood, appetite, and motivation.