Beginner’s Guide for Marijuana

What is Marijuana?

Marijuana is a yellowish-green mixture of crushed flowers, leaves, and the hemp plant ( Cannabis sativa ). There is a more potent variant of marijuana, called hashish (or “cost”), which looks like a brown or black paste, like balls or chunks of clay. The amount of THC (the active ingredient) in marijuana and marijuana-containing products has increased dramatically over the years.

Marijuana is usually rolled and smoked as if it were a cigarette (joints or joints), or else it is introduced into previously emptied cigars (marijuana pure), pipes, or water or glass pipes (or “bongs”). Lately, it has become increasingly popular to inhale marijuana or more potent marijuana extracts using a vaporizer (known as “vaping”). Some people mix it with food or infuse it and take it as an infusion. Best Malabar Magic Mushroom for online.

There is also “synthetic marijuana,” human-made drugs that are chemically similar to THC and can be dangerously strong. These drugs can be called “K2,” “spice,” and “herbal incense.” They can be so powerful that there have been overdose deaths. Buy asteroid og strain: a mysterious og kush hybrid online.  

Types of Marijuana:

Marijuana types of genetics that we can find in this world that is quite wide of marijuana seeds. We can find types of Marijuana for all tastes, exciting types of Marijuana, relaxing types of Marijuana, types of autoflowering Marijuana, tastier types of Marijuana, types of purple Marijuana. Hundreds of classes and varieties that we will explain a little above so that before buying your varieties of Marijuana, know the kind that you are buying.

Sativa Type:

It is the Marijuana of all life, that of the photos, that of Jamaica, that of the typical leaf with many long and fine tips, and that of the long-tailed buds that we both commonly interpret as Marijuana. This type of Marijuana is one of the most active since its concentrations of active THC are very high, becoming very cerebral, giving you hundreds of inspiring ideas, or forgetting the problems that depress you. You are more cheerful and eager to do things.

We can find Sativa types of Marijuana in the most tropical areas of the world such as Jamaica, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Central Africa, and jungle areas with high humidity and good sun throughout the year. They tend to be very resistant to fungi and rot, producing airy and fluffy buds that will hardly allow air to pass through them, causing rot.

In general, they eat a few fertilizers, and they only need light, water, and patience to give us their best products in our garden, both indoors and outdoors. However, indoors they are not usually worth it due to their flowering times.


Marijuana more commercial that to have adapted to our areas and have become the queens of the interior and exterior of smokers, since they have no euphoric and exciting effect as Sativas, but their flowering cycles are much more short – by the productions tend to be heavier, since its flowers are more compact and thick, with effects contrary to sativas, relaxing for the body and mind.

Indica-type Marijuana is also used as a medicinal product to help alleviate very acute pain from chronic diseases, and that medications in this type of patients end up not having any effect on the patient and with Marijuana, they usually feel a lot of relief compared to with medicines.

They are found in their nature in India’s hot areas in general, but they extend through a great mountain range that crosses Pakistan and Afghanistan from where the Kush-type plants and the 100% Indicas called this come from that area.

Rudelaris Type:

Marijuana plant native to areas of northeastern Europe, which grows in the frozen mountains and blooms according to its age without having to do anything with the photoperiod, when they reach a few days of life they begin to bloom and in a few more days ready to throw or to receive the pollen and thus begin the cycle of creating the seeds to ensure their existence as a species.

When their seeds are made, they fall to the ground where they can remain frozen under the snow for months, and when some sun comes in in summer, they can germinate without a problem and come back to life in plant form and continue with the cycle of life. They are impossible to cut since their auto-flowering does not let you keep them growing for a long time.

They tend to have a shallow concentration of cannabinoids and require little care apart from water and light since their flowers are not abundant or thick. Still, they give their autoflowering power to other seasonal varieties to create Autoflowering Type Marijuana Seeds.

Autoflowering Type:

Autoflowering marijuana plants are seasonal marijuana plants crossed with a rudelaris that gives them the power of autoflowering, sometimes even giving them the power to flower according to their size, and until it reaches a certain height, it does not flower. Still, you want it or not, it will flourish without being affected by the photoperiod, and it will not grow until you want it to, but until its genes leave it.

In general, they are ready in about 60 days from when we germinate them until we cut them, and they are increasingly more fashionable. They are taking out autoflowering varieties that they have little to envy compared to the seasonal ones. They are increasingly gaining ground since they are ideal for places with a few summer months. Flowering their plants in the middle of August gives a better production than if you plant in March and cut in December with hardly any sun during the most important growing months.

Indoors more and more is carried, where at 20 hours of light a day, we will get the most out of our autoflowering marijuana plants.

Purple or Bluish Type Marijuana:

Some strains of some varieties have presented colors over the years that seed banks have guarded with suspicion.

Any marijuana that is cold for a few days at the end of flowering turns this color, but things change when the plant itself is that color, whatever the temperature makes it bring out that bluish color. Whatever the variety, it is a marijuana plant like any other, but they bring out that color for strange genetic reasons without being cold. A whim of nature so that we can see them more beautiful if possible.