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Cannabis products you may eat or drink that contain cannabinoids are known as edibles. When ingested, cannabinoids—chemical elements present in cannabis—can impact your body and psyche. Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, is a cannabinoid that induces euphoria and intoxication (or a "high").

What does it mean to do edibles?

Food items infused with cannabis extract are known as edibles. Edibles can be manufactured at home or purchased for dispensaries and come in various shapes and sizes, including baked products, candies, gummies, chocolates, tablets, and beverages.

What feeling do edibles give you?

You'll experience varied effects after eating an edible, depending on the type of cannabis it contains. Edibles with a higher THC content often have a more euphoric or psychoactive impact. Greater CBD content in edibles results in less of a "high," but they may also make you feel calmer and less nervous.

Why do we eat edibles?

Food products called edibles are cannabis-infused. Although further research is required, they might promote weight control, alleviate pain and anxiety, stop seizures, and prevent migraines. Overeating can have negative consequences, such as panic attacks.

How do edibles taste?

Depending on the foodstuff. Some edibles closely resemble cannabis in flavor, while others are so adept at hiding it that you won't tell the difference. An edible chocolate bar loaded with cannabis, for instance, might not taste anything like actual cannabis because chocolate effectively hides the flavor.

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