Marijuana Wax

Let’s clear up all this confusion through a detailed analysis of waxes or Wax, a popular type of BHO sold under various names such as crumble, sugar, honeycomb, or budder.

In my day, I always made sure not to leave the house without a bit of grass and papers; sometimes, I would remember to take a lighter too, and that was all.

Now, you see people who go around carrying backpacks where they carry all kinds of smoking tools.

A vaporizer used to be something you kept on your bedroom desk, hidden from your mother.

But extracts are the leaders of the cannabis industry, and BHOs ​​(Hash Butane Oils) are becoming the main players on the concentrate scene. The devices for dabbing and vaporization are now the latest trend.


Marijuana wax is a concentrated form of Cannabis that looks like ear wax. The Wax is made up of cannabis oil; it is solid enough to hold its shape on a flat surface after cooling. It usually has a yellow hue and can be kept on wax paper or in small containers. Best SC Strange Clouds D8 for online.

Waxes and oils can have up to eight times the THC concentration, compared to the buds that people usually smoke. Wax is reported to be the purest cannabis product available, with 82% to 99.7% pure THC.


The process for making Wax is very similar to that of shatter and other types of BHO.

First, the marijuana trimmings and buds are soaked in liquefied butane to separate the trichomes (white, resinous crystals with a high concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes) from the plant matter.

It creates a cannabinoid-rich mixture that is heated to purge as much butane as possible. While the shatter is heated and allowed to sit, the waxes are often handled during the purge phase, giving them their unique texture.

The most common ways to handle and shake Waxes during purging are tapping, shaking, or stirring them. The result can range from a crumbly substance resembling solidified honey (often sold as sugar wax or sugar crumble) to a silky concentrate that is marketed as budder.

There is a misconception that translucent concentrates are purer than opaque ones, but this is not true.

The transparency of a concentrate is due to whether it has been agitated (either on purpose or by mistake) during the purging process.


There are several ways to enjoy cannabis extracts like Wax. Remember that certain, especially liquid, sticky, or difficult to handle waxes may not be suitable for smoking in a joint, vaporizer, or hash pipe, and you will need an “oil rig.”

Mix Wax with Bud:

Like crumbles, you can sprinkle dry waxes on a regular joint. Besides, you can also put them in a bong to get extra cannabinoids. If you are an aesthete, remember that the unique flavor of concentrates is difficult to differentiate from the buds. 

Hash pipes:

There are new pipes on the market for smoking concentrates such as Wax; this way, you won’t have to invest in a fancy (and more expensive) vaporizer or rig. But make sure the pipe you buy is suitable for solvent-based extracts and not just kief or regular hashish.


Vaporizers are best for anyone who wants to avoid the health risks of smoking. Although traditional vaporizers cannot be used with extracts, there are some newer models with which it is possible to do so.

But most of these models are portable, and some poorer quality vaporizers are said to produce very poor hits; this usually happens because they do not reach high enough temperatures to vaporize the concentrate properly.

Experiment to find your decent model if you’re vaporizing waxes or other types of solvent-based extracts.


Since dabbing is the most common way to consume Extracts like waxes, we can also call them “dabs.” Dabbing involves using specialized equipment, specifically, a “nail,” a blowtorch, and an oil rig or oil tower.

The nail is usually heated with the torch, and a small amount of concentrate is placed on it. The steam produced by the heat is inhaled through a specialized pipe that often uses water as a filter.


As with all other BHO types, waxes are great for those looking for a powerful and immediate high.

Due to their high content of cannabinoids, BHO concentrates allow the recreational consumer to feel their effects in a much more powerful way than when smoking or vaping.

Money Bagg Runtz has a very different taste than smoked or vaped Cannabis, so many people also prefer dabbing for its flavor.

Concentrates are also highly appreciated by some consumers as they get the desired effect much faster.


BHO concentrates are criticized for several reasons.

And some stories of explosions caused by hobbyists trying to make hash oil at home have contributed to increasing concern about the issue. These concerns are related to the safety of both the production and the consumption of a product made with a volatile and potentially dangerous substance.

As there are still no regulations that guarantee that waxes and shatters are properly purged to obtain a clean and reliable product, there is also concern about their consumption safety.

These types of Mariijuna extracts contain up to 5 times more THC than a bud and raises questions about dosage and a potential “overdose.” Fortunately, most know that it is impossible to die from an overdose of any cannabis-derived product.

Although all of these concerns are legitimate, we believe that they could be easily resolved through legalization, regulation, and providing good information. In this way, both consumers and abstainers could be assured that concentrates are safe and reliable.

So if you are thinking of concentrating, be sure to educate yourself well and be careful. They can be powerful.

But above all, enjoy!