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Even for a seasoned cannabis user, marijuana moon rocks are exceptionally potent. It's a strong nugget made from several types of marijuana that have been coated or sprayed with hash oil. Without a doubt, you should exercise prudence. Moon rocks made of marijuana are essentially the "champagne" of the marijuana world. They are even referred to as cannabis caviar by others.They are made of various marijuana products rolled into a single, extremely strong nug before being smoked. They gained popularity after West Coast rapper Kurupt made them known to the public and eventually patented his line of moon rocks.About the name, they do resemble moon rocks. But their capacity to give even the most seasoned cannabis user an extreme high may also play a role.

Why is it called moon rock?

The name "moon rocks" probably refers to the tremendous high users claim to get from the doctored buds' otherworldly appearance.

What does moon rock explain?

Any rock discovered on the moon is known as a moon rock or lunar rock. It was created through several processes, including solidifying lava flows and asteroid and meteorite bombardment. Anorthosite, basalt, and breccia rocks were discovered on the lunar surface, according to the data collected by the Apollo missions.

What is Moonrock and how do you smoke it?

Moon rocks can be smoked by breaking them into a joint, bowl, vaporizer, or pipe like any other nug. Glassware like a bong or pipe is the preferred method since it is easier to keep it lighted and because it is also extremely dense and oily.

How do moon rocks affect you?

This strain's consumption differs from that of other THC-infused cannabis. Its extremely strong qualities give Moon Rocks a buzz like never before. Your entire body will feel the psychedelic effects, enhancing your overall ingestion experience.

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