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    20% THC 0.1% CBD

    The Purple Haze strain is a psychedelic sativa flower. Berry-flavored and high in THC, this brain herb is a natural pain reliever for headaches.







    AnxietyDepressionFatigueLack of appetiteMigrainesNauseaStress


    Berry Cranberry Earthy Spicy / Herbal Sweet

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    This old-school Sativa offers an almost psychedelic experience, named after Jimi Hendrix’s legendary song. Easy to grow with a savory, earthy berry scent, a Purple Haze delight awaits. Savvy consumers will enjoy the brain lift provided by this high-THC strain.

    Purple Haze Experience

    Hendrix fans are in luck. This mind-blowing sativa marijuana strain provides an intense cerebral high. Users often report an almost psychedelic experience of this strain. Famous for its flavorful smoke and misty yet wonderful mental experience, this strain offers energy and relaxation in equal doses. If you’ve been looking for a flower that expands your consciousness, this marijuana strain is suitable for the job.

    With high energy and euphoria, this herb is safe for the day. However, consuming too much will make you feel confused and out of focus. Please complete the most of this herb by making great music and sharing it with your friends.

    Cannabis fans can enjoy this variety in several ways, including;

    Purple Haze Oil Pens are available from select brands, including Liquid Gold and CBD Vapor.

    Purple Haze shatter, Purple Haze wax, and other Purple Haze concentrates are available at various retailers.


    Characteristics of Purple Haze and Purple Haze seeds

    Uplifting, euphoric and energizing, this strain is believed to be a Sativa-dominant cross between Haze and purple smoke. However, the genetics of the original plant is up for debate.

    This marijuana strain was first made in Amsterdam during the 1960s. It has remained popular ever since. This herb is quite powerful, with a THC content usually reaching 20%. New cannabis users may be surprised by the powerful high this strain produces, so start slowly.

    The aroma of this flower is sweet and spicy. Exotic, this cannabis strain delights consumers with berry and forest-earth flavors.

    These intoxicating fragrances adorn a crystal-covered flower with a purple coloration. Expect Purple Haze flowers to have tiny, fluffy buds. The fan leaves have a narrow structure.


    Purple Haze medical benefits

    Although this purple haze weed is an old-school party strain, medical marijuana patients have reason to love this Sativa too.

    Those with chronic stress, depression, and poor appetite tend to find relief with this beautiful flower.

    This variety also provides quality daytime relief, especially for mild to moderate pain levels.

    This cannabis strain is famous for headaches, migraines, and chronic fatigue.


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