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What do Weed Strains mean?

Plant weed strains are different species that descend from the same progenitor. A marijuana strain is a classification that describes the plant's chemical composition, physical characteristics, and potential health benefits.

What are indica and sativa weed strains?

Sativa plants often have more THC than CBD, but indica plants typically have more CBD than THC. Sativa produces an upbeat sensation, while Indica is said to have a more tranquil or relaxing impact.

Why is a weed called Kush?

Cannabis is now also referred to as "kush" in slang. Kush Cannabis derives its name from the Hindu Kush mountain range and is primarily derived from landrace plants in Afghanistan, Northern Pakistan, and North-Western India.

Why are weed strains named?

To put it another way, breeders are not compelled to follow scientific principles. But the names of most cannabis varieties are determined by various elements, including the strains' expected medical effects, their country of origin, distinctive aromas, mixed genetic ancestry, or even the breeder's whim.

How are weed strains identified?

Profiling the BudYou might be holding a sativa or a Sativa-dominant hybrid if you observe that your bud is slender, elongated, and fuller in shape. You may have an Indica strain or one that is Indica-dominant if your buds are heavy, dense, and tightly packed.

What is a hybrid weed?

Depending on their genetic heritage, hybrid cannabis strains are cultivars that blend the traits of Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica plants. In reality, rather than pure Indica or Sativa, most cannabis grown today is a form of hybrid designated as either indica- or sativa-dominant.

Why is Kush so popular?

It's well-liked among recreational users because it's occasionally regarded to be more potent than other cannabis strains. Additionally, some people can find that smoking Kush is simpler, and they prefer how it makes them feel compared to other cannabis strains.

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