Super Silver Haze


The Super Silver Haze strain is a Sativa-dominant hybrid good for a maximum all-day high. It contains about 18% THC and 10% CBD. Thanks for shopping with us!

The Sativa-dominant hybrid strain Super Silver Haze provides a strong all-day high. It has 10% CBD and roughly 18% THC. As a result, in addition to experiencing calming and relaxing benefits, you can do significant activities during the day. On the other hand, other strains often have a couch potato effect.

This Sativa is a High Times magazine favorite and can be cultivated indoors and outdoors. Haze seeds grow into tall plants, which promote healing while giving users major energy boosts. It has both recreational and medicinal uses for both regular and occasional users.

Growing Super Silver Haze

This strain is difficult to cultivate for newbies. You must provide your Silver Haze plants with a healthy indoor setting. This strain thrives best in hydroponic environments, making it a strain that was best grown by experts or those with at least some cannabis growing experience.

This strain can also be grown successfully outdoors. But, this requires balmy, warm, equatorial climates. Your marijuana plants will need a nice amount of sunlight to thrive.

However, experts say this cannabis strain yields less during harvest when cultivated outside. For the best results, plant these cannabis seeds in a controlled indoor environment.

Flowering Time

The Haze strain of marijuana takes about 9 weeks to completely flower. Each plant can yield about 10 ounces of usable marijuana per square meter when grown indoors properly.

Outdoor growers of the strain can expect to yield slightly less, with about 10 ounces of usable marijuana per plant. Harvesting takes place during mid-October.

Origin of glorious cannabis super silver haze 

glorious cannabis super silver haze is a feminized type of marijuana plant. It was created by combining three different strains of cannabis:

Parents of Super Silver Haze

  • Northern Lights Indica
  • Haze Sativa
  • Skunk No. 1 Hybrid

Northern Lights is a powerful Indica combined with Skunk #1, a legendary strain, and Haze. Together, as super silver haze terpenes, they create a mellow, energetic euphoria. Green House Seeds bred it.

This strain is a three-time High Times first prize winner and the winner of multiple Harvest Festival High Times awards. As a cross-bred hybrid, this strain is a sticky Sativa with a body high that’s long-lasting, along with an energetic feeling.

Effects of Super Silver Haze Strain

Super silver haze terpenes contain a very high concentration of THC. At 18%, this strain is a very sticky plant that provides a strong euphoria. Sometimes called a “one-hitter quitter,” users feel its effects quickly, with just a very small dose.

It only takes a couple of tokes, and you’ll quickly start to feel surges of happiness. Many users can barely contain their smiles or laughter after consuming this strain of cannabis. Start your day with super silver haze terpenes for an uplifted, enlightening feeling.

These are the feelings you may expect to experience after using this marijuana strain:

  • Energetics
  • Euphoria
  • Happiness
  • Relaxation
  • Upliftedness

Super Silver Haze will allow you to experience a clear sense of euphoria. Therefore you’ll find yourself left feeling joyous and energized, with inspiring thoughts running through your mind. It is a very effective strain for giving your creativity a jump-start. However, unlike some other strains, you won’t be left feeling sluggish and heavy.

Adverse Reactions

There are some adverse reactions to consuming this Haze that may cause discomfort. Users tend to become dehydrated because this sativa is so THC-rich and potent. It could lead to a bad case of dry mouth, known as cottonmouth.

You may also experience dry eyes after using this cannabis strain. Staying hydrated with water and juices can help combat dry mouth and eyes.

Occasionally, users have reported feeling slightly paranoid after using the Super Silver strain. It is particularly the case after a user has consumed a large quantity. Some users have also complained about mild dizzy spells and minor headaches. Both are quite rare.

Medical Uses for Super Silver Haze Strain

For many different reasons, medical marijuana patients love Super Silver Haze. This potent strain of cannabis effectively treats and manages an extensive list of mental health conditions. It’s very popular as an alternative treatment for anxiety and depression.

Above all, this marijuana strain benefits you from its cerebral euphoric effects while remaining clear-headed throughout the day. It’s an ideal medicinal product perfect for treating fatigue and stress. With regular use of Super Silver Haze, some patients suffering from ADD, ADHD, and PTSD have seen their symptoms ease up significantly.

Many pain conditions can be successfully managed or treated with this Haze. Patients hoping to stay clear of prescription drugs and over-the-counter pain medications can use them as an alternative for treating PMS, muscle spasms, and chronic back pain. More and more doctors are turning to this strain to help medical marijuana patients with chronic pain.

The pain reduction benefits of this strain of cannabis make life more bearable for cancer patients going through radiation and chemotherapy.

These treatments lead to pain, loss of appetite, and debilitating nausea. This strain is a very popular choice among physicians and dispensaries for combating symptoms caused by these treatments.

Taste and Aroma of Super Silver Haze Strain

It has a pleasant scent that makes it truly amazing. You’ll detect a whiff of sour citruses, which gives your brain cells a refreshing wake-up call. However, those who smoke it love the skunky aroma with its sweet undertones.

As far as the taste of this strain of marijuana, prepare your mouth for an herbal taste with a touch of spiciness. This sticky plant comes with a solid earthy, full-bodied flavor mixed with a note of citrus that’s very prominent with each toke. Get ready for an aftertaste that is fresh and lemony when you use Super Silver Haze.


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