Moon Rock Ice


At cana420gass Moon Rocks Ice is our CO2 /H20 product line. Moon Rock Ice. It starts with our Private Reserve OG, which we Infuse with High Potency CO2 Hash Oil utilizing our proprietary process. Then we roll the product in Ice Water Hash, creating dense, concentrated buds that are super clean and pure. SC Labs tests at 57.66% THC confirms Moon. Rocks ICE is the Highest Potency Hash Product of its Kind on the market today. So, Enjoy the Moon. Rocks experience that can not be beaten.

Manufacturer: …………..Cana420gss
THC Content :……………..71.84%
CBD Content:……………… 0.51%
CBN Content:………………. 1.21%

Best Moon Rock Ice

CBD Moon rock Ice flowers are what is called a byproduct derived from cannabis. They contain no less than three different high cannabidiol products for an extreme 80-90% concentration. How is this possible when cultivated hemp plants painfully exceed 20% natural cannabidiol? Simply by producing a quality product and 100% right.

At the ice moon rock 80% CBD flowers origin, we find high-quality buds collected when ripe and dried. The right amount of moisture to retain the maximum cannabinoids and terpenes aromas. They are then dipped in CBD oil and rolled into an isolate (CBD crystals). It is possible to achieve a concentration as impressive as 80% of this Ice Rock.

In this, Moonrock Ice comes close to essential Moon Rock, especially since the two products are rock-hard (“rock” in English). However, unlike this relative, the Gold Moon Rock is not covered in pollen but crystals, the purest form of cannabidiol. Thus, it is establishing itself in the modern cannabis market as the most potent legal variant of cannabidiol available at writing while maintaining a natural flower form.


Snow white, all covered in cannabidiol, the Moonrock Ice flower may surprise you. As greedy and attractive as he is, you have yet to know how to tame him to reap all the benefits. For this, you have at your disposal two solutions: vaporization or infusion. Remember in passing that although they are legal, CBD flowers in general and ice moon rock, in particular, are not designed for smoking.

Moonrock Ice Vaporization

Vaporization is undoubtedly the fastest and most effective way to enjoy the effects of Moonrock Ice flowers. To do this, place the desired amount in a vegetable vaporizer such as our Pax 3, then take advantage of the marked and rapid effects of the plant. A temperature of around 180 ° C should be sufficient: beyond that, you risk damaging cannabinoids and terpenes, losing both effects and aromas. When in doubt, our guide dedicated to the use and cleaning your vaporizer answers your questions!

Moonrock Ice Infusion

Softer, the Moonrock Ice infusion is ideal for capturing all the nuances of your scents and enjoying long-term results. In this case, you can use part of the batch as if it were a classic herbal tea, making sure to add a fatty substance (whole milk does the trick very well) to promote the assimilation of cannabinoids.


In France, as in the European Union, the legislation on cannabis products is stringent. Only products comprising less than 0.2% THC are the addictive and psychoactive molecules in cannabis. To ensure the health of our client health and respect the law. The Weedy team guarantees the use of cannabidiol flowers that are periodically tested to comply with current regulations. The oils and cannabidiol crystals that coat the 80% Moonrock Ice flowers are THC-free.

However, please note that CBD Moon rock Ice flowers are not intended for smoking, medication and cannot be consumed or purchased by a minor. You approve legal age and make lawful use of this product by purchasing.


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