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The study of moon rocks has yielded remarkable findings. They have provided evidence of ancient volcanic activity on the Moon, shedding light on its geological history. Scientists have discovered the presence of water molecules trapped within these rocks, fueling discussions about the potential for lunar colonization and future space exploration.

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The Moon Rocks, Earth’s celestial neighbor, has captivated the human imagination for centuries. Its ethereal glow and distant allure have inspired countless legends, myths, and scientific curiosity. While the Moon remains an enigmatic object, hidden behind a veil of mystery, it has gifted humanity with a remarkable treasure:

Moon rocks are fragments of the lunar surface that have been collected and brought back to Earth during the Apollo missions conducted by NASA in the late 1960s and early 1970s. These extraterrestrial specimens, hailing from a world beyond our own, hold immense Gold Moon Rock scientific and historical significance. They have provided humanity with valuable insights into the Moon’s geology, its formation, and even the origins of our planet.

How Do You Smoke Moon Rocks? 

Have you ever been so inebriated that touching your eyebrows Marijuana Moon Rocks causes you to lose feeling in them? If not, I promise you’ll get there if you try smoking Moon Rock. Two months after smoking them for the first time, I still cannot identify my facial features.

How Do Moon Rocks Work?

It’s still being determined where Moon Rock first came from. However, there are reports that the dispensary Starbudz760 invented them. Legendary West Coast rapper Kurupt popularized the product and registered his brand name for it, Kurupt Moonrock.

A THC Megazord, Moon Rock are essentially cannabis buds (traditionally GSC, but any strain would do) dipped moon rocks weed in or sprayed with hash oil and then wrapped in kief. Although the strength of each batch of Moon Rock varies depending on how they are created and who creates them, it is generally accepted that they have a THC content of roughly 50%.

How to make your moon rocks

Although moon rocks are commonly made with GSC flowers and GSC concentrate, you can make your moon rock however you like. All you need is the following:

  • Your favorite variety/flower
  • Your favorite hash oil/concentrate
  • A big bowl of kief from the bottom of your grinder
  • Some tongs (or any grasping/pinching device)
  • a liquid dropper

1 Pound, 1/2 Pound, 1/4 Pound, 1 oz


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