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The cannabis strain known as Dwarf Low Flyer is the product of a cross between two of the best autoflowering plants currently available. The majority of Dwarf Low Flyer marijuana seeds are sativa. The term Dwarf Low Flyer Marijuana belies the strain’s actual characteristics: good size and energy.

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Medically Dwarf Low Flyer relieves pain, stress, and depression. But it makes the patient feel happy, euphoric, and relaxed. The low branching and compact buds make it ideal for growing outdoors and indoors in reduced space.

It requires less tendering, making it popular among commercial growers. For novice gardeners, Dwarf Low Flyer marijuana seeds can be beneficial. After sprouting, it can be harvested after two months. It makes sense why the Low Dwarf has been one of the most well-known breeds ever.

Cannabis Dwarf Low Flyer Strain

Marijuana strains that grow on short, sometimes bushy plants are good for limited spaces. Many marijuana growers perceive this as a vigorous variety. Despite their sizes and low height, these cannabis varieties can generate high yields at harvest.

Dwarf Low Flyer Strain is considered a feminized seed. This strain makes life easier for marijuana plant growers because they don’t need to germinate twice to produce enough female seeds. This type of seed gives more stable results than a normal seed. It can be grown outdoors, indoors, in soil, or in a hydroponic environment.

Low-flying dwarf genetics

The dwarf low aviator variety (auto-flowering dwarf feminized) is often called bonsai-type auto-flowering. Dutch Passion invented feminized marijuana seeds. This strain is an offspring of Low Rider, Early Girl, and Cannabis Ruderalis.

It is a 10% Cannabis Ruderalis, 70% Cannabis Indica, and 20% Cannabis Sativa feminized auto-flowering cultivar. Dwarf Low Flyer Marijuana Seeds, like the other breeds, was developed in Spain.

This plant is recognizable for its strong smell. It has a strong aroma until it is harvested, but it will produce a mild sweet aroma during the curing process. But it has a mild herbal aroma with a slight citrus scent.

The curing process is very important regarding its taste and aroma. It has the flavors and aromas of coffee, spicy, herbaceous, floral, fruity, earthy, pine, walnut, chocolate, sweet, and spicy.

Low Dwarf Flyer Features

Although it may have short branches and seem robust, the low flyer dwarf is a very productive plant nonetheless. The yields increase with the number of daylight hours. But it develops quickly, growing to a height of 40–70 cm, or at least 2 ft, on average. The flowering phase of the strain will be completed in about 6 weeks or 45 days.

Since it is an automatic flowering seed, growing a marijuana plant is quick and simple. As long as there are at least 20 hours of light each day, there is no need to change the lighting, and even if you provide a small amount of nutrients, the plant will continue to grow healthily.

The Dwarf Low Flyer Seeds is one of the best strains because it requires less softening and little maintenance. Feminized seeds are guaranteed with luscious flowers and resinous buds.

Power and effects

It consists of a low to moderate level of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) that only consists of 10-15%, the level of Cannabidiol (CBD) ranges between 0.20-0.30%, and the level of Cannabinol (CBN) varies between 0.15-0.20%. It is a slight strain, but the high one is quite relaxing.

This strain is well-known for promoting complete relaxation; users will feel high naturally. The effects first show themselves physically before they do cognitively. It will still depend on the dose; this strain type produces superior potency for 80% of all varieties. The effect of the plant can be felt within 15 to 20 minutes of the initial hit, but it will still rely on the dose.

This variety is ideal for those who need some help with space. It is also perfect for those who don’t want to smoke, are hit too hard, and want to relax and have fun without going to the “outside world.”

This strain is also addictive to others due to its calming effect that cultivates the feeling of satisfaction, gives you the feeling of relaxation, and reduces stress.

Low Traveler Dwarf Medical Benefits

The low-flying dwarf has something to offer medical marijuana, and this strain produces comfortable, relaxing, and pain-relieving toxins that provide the stoning effect.

People who experience diseases like lupus, sleep apnea, sclerosis, fibromyalgia, and sleep disorders like insomnia can benefit from this strain’s therapeutic or medicinal effects. But it is also ideal for pain tolerance, involuntary muscle contractions, anxiety and depression, appetite stimulation, and sleep deprivation.


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