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Since Sour Diesel is one of the chunkier types, I frequently refer to it as the Campbell’s Soup of marijuana. It has more bulk because the calyxes are usually much rounder. In comparison to the majority of varietals, Sour D is Dippin’ Dots. You’ll observe that the sugar leaf is almost always light to lime green, with the pistils varying in color from faded peach to fiery orange.

It would be equivalent to a music critic praising The Beatles or a historian arguing that George Washington was a fine president to recommend diesel flower as a marijuana critic. Most likely, the diesel flower belongs on a Mount Rushmore of marijuana, a fictitious structure in front of which I would dearly love to have my photo taken. I’d be remiss if you didn’t know how to identify Diesel. It would be easier to enter a Colorado dispensary and leave with finding some variety on the shelves.

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Some individuals indeed like the smell of gasoline. I’m not here to pass judgment. I couldn’t figure out where the “sour” part originated from. Warheads sweets immediately came to mind, but I had trouble connecting that to the herb for years. No, the sour flavor here has a distinct funk and little honey. Think lightly expired dairy instead of a full-on scientific project in the refrigerator.

I have a housekeeping agreement with my fiance (yes, I just got engaged!). She excels at routine maintenance to keep this house from falling apart. I conduct an OCD-level sweep of the property every few months while listening to the futuristic sounds of Glitch Mob radio while high on sativa and caffeine. It turns out that sour blue Diesel and I are a fantastic cleaning team.

I smoked a quarter gram and started tearing sofas away from walls in preparation for her surprise birthday party (don’t worry; she doesn’t read my column). I was looking for any Sheltie hair and dangerous spiders that may have been living in the area. These items can’t possibly be known to our guests. The energy was much more concentrated than a haze strain, and I moved through the living room with the accuracy of Jack Bauer clearing a structure of possible threats. On it, I gave it my all.

Most of the time, anything I do to imitate Kiefer Sutherland hurts my spine. It wasn’t an outlier. I didn’t realize I had a dull pain until two hours passed. Sour D isn’t the greatest at getting rid of severe pain, but in this case, being preoccupied was sufficient to prevail.

One of the best “vacation sativas” is sour blue Diesel. It isn’t as cognitively stimulating—or as likely to make you feel paranoid—as a strong haze, but it’s also not as heavy as a Trainwreck or Jack strain. You can smoke a little while maintaining your composure while touring the metropolis. You probably have already inhaled it.


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