Gold Moon Rock


First it all starts with our Private Reserve OG.Gold Moon Rock. So, we Infuse with High Potency Wax utilizing our proprietary process.

Gold Moon Rock is one of the best varieties of moonrocks with excellent medical benefits. To make these molly moon rocks, start with our private reserve OG Kush, which we infuse with high-potency wax using our proprietary process. Then we sprinkle the product with Top Quality Kief to create dense, concentrated buds with SC Labs testing above 50% THC. Have a fantastic experience and A1 day with our high-quality molly gold moon rocks from our store. The Zodiak Moonrock cartridge is no exception.

Medical Benefits of Our Moon Rocks

Chronic Pain Relief: The average THC content of this product can exceed 50%. Patients find a significant reduction in pain when using our Caviar Gold Moon Rock. The long-lasting effect of these provides much-needed relief to pain sufferers.

Stimulate Appetite: Medical marijuana is generally used to stimulate a non-existent appetite, like those undergoing chemotherapy and radiation. Our buds also intensify the sensation of eating. Relieve most patients with loss of appetite. It provides a fast-acting stimulant that allows even the smallest diners to find a taste for food again and nourish their healing bodies.

Nausea Relief: In small doses, Gold Moon Rock Bud provides much-needed support to patients undergoing severe nausea. The high THC content and a .15% CBD rating help reduce patient symptoms.

Reduce Anxiety: They are known among cannabis connoisseurs to provide long-lasting relief from anxiety. Patients who would otherwise be anxious are now finding a new way to relax.

Suppressed Seizures: The use of medical marijuana is essential in stopping seizures. Patients find that they have fewer and less severe seizures.

We have had incredible success with gold molly moon rocks never like before by exploring the high quality and highly rated strains available in our shop.

What is Caviar Gold Strain?

Caviar Gold is a highly sought-after strain for the ultimate recreation. Delivers the most potent cerebral high capable of quelling fear and similar inhibitions. This makes Caviar the maximum strain for social events, especially when anxiety is likely to arise.

What are caviar moon rocks?

Kaviar (Caviar), sometimes referred to as Moon Rocks, is an infusion of marijuana flower steeped in a bath of hashish oil and then rolled in kief for a dense, potent, and incredibly smooth drink that will “

Blow your mind into a hazy bliss.” before leaving you fully stoned in both mind and body” – GanjaGazette.

What is Strawberry Moonrock?

Strawberry. Strawberry is a Sativa variety of marijuana native to the Netherlands. This variety produces stimulating and relaxing effects. Strawberry is a popular choice for people prone to anxiety due to its stress-relieving qualities.

Medical Benefit

  • THC content 50.11%
  • CBD content 0.68%
  • CBN content 0.15%



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