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Moon Rock Clear was developed as the purest isolate on the market for providing large measurable doses of THC and 99-100%.

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Our premium Moon Rock Clear displays feature exclusive art & high-resolution graphics competitively priced. The Moonrock inside the collection is individually prepared, so no two are alike! Any collector, amateur astronomer, or sci-fan would love to display a genuine Moonrock in their home or office. Buy CBD Moon Rock online.

The price of moonrock clear varies depending on whether they are hemp-based and focus on CBD or THC-oriented. According to the top cannabis marketing agency – the CBD-centric stones will cost anywhere from $20-$30 per gram, whereas THC-based moon rocks will cost you $25-$35 per gram.

Close examination of Lunar meteorites will often reveal the small individual bits of different colors that make up these breccias. The bits are called clasts. Lunar rocks are ancient, geologically speaking, and the volcanic activity is believed to have stopped early in the Moon’s history.

Therefore, we can no longer offer a moon rock cart for free, but if you join the Moon Club, we will give you your 10th order of our beautiful stones at no charge!


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