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The Kali extracts vape pen (kali gold extracts) is a well-rounded indica-dominant hybrid that helps out pain and relaxes into sleep.

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The Kali Extracts vape pen is the first-ever recreational use-only THC distillate vape pen. But the vape pen consists of 94% THC distillate and natural flavoring; no PG, VG, PGe, or artificial flavoring. 

Based out of the Sacramento area, Cali Flavors is a premier vape company specializing in Juice. But we only use high-quality ingredients with elite customer service. But this oil contains various combinations of cannabinoids and terpenes extracted from cannabis.

The cold drain protects against bitterness and harshness and provides a smooth Cali flow vape without throat injury. Once the extraction process is complete, all that is left is the pure, high-quality, unadulterated tobacco flavor.

What is a Cali Plus?

From the outside, the Cali Plus Vape Pen looks about the same size as a cigarette. It has a 1.3ml e-juice capacity and works automatically. The surface of Cali Plus is super thin on the surface and also lightweight.

What are the best cannabis oil vape pen cartridges?

Premium cannabis oil vape pen cartridges from Pure Vape, cali mesh vape, cali plus flavors, headband cartridge, M2GO, Fruit Lust, 2WNTY3, and POP Naturals. THC cartridges often vary in marijuana strains,

How to extract e-liquid from a disposable pen?

After unscrewing the cigarette holder, you can dip the tip of the syringe into the damaged cartridge. And then slowly draw out the e-liquid from the disposable vape pen.


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