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New Exotic Carts with holograms Mario carts with cartridges do not leak AC1003 gold 1.0ml ceramic coil—20 flavors for options.

  • Wedding Cake
  • GSC
  • PineappleExpress
  • Mimosa
  • forbidden fruit
  • Lemonade
  • Top-side fill, friendly to both hand-filling and machine-filling
  • The ceramic heating element is a less harmful alternative to wick heating elements. The ceramic coil mitigates the burn after taste and ensures a better smoking experience.
  • Adjustable diameter size, conducive for multiple oil types.
  • In a transparent glass tank, the oil quantity is easily visible.
  • 510 universal thread fits most batteries on the market.

It did give strong hits but also followed with harsh hits.

The 15 exotic carts have a strong lemon flavor. At first, it was nice until they started hitting hard. Most of the time, it would burn after taste. It surprised me because it will come and go. On top of this, they punched hard enough to lift you with just a couple of rips.

Oil quality felt powerful but still questionable.

These 15 exotic carts surprised me. Due to the lack of credibility, I expected little from this Exotic Carts Cartridge. I soon realized that I got high with just a few punches. The oil that this flavor comes with has a thick wax consistency. Anywhere between 3-10 hits will guarantee a great feeling.

The design is typical, and the nozzle came out

There is nothing special about distillate design. Apart from this, the mouthpiece is removable. It is a twist, making it difficult to trust the real quality of this cart.

New Exotic carts are neither trustworthy nor credible

The only thing about this company is that many sellers sell fake exotic cars. It allows shady vendors to put whatever they want into the distillate. Plus, it’s hard to tell the difference between fake and real exotic cars. Due to this, it can only be partially reliable.

The strong and durable distillate, durable

First, the Exotic Carts Cartridge is much more efficient than I expected. There were a fair amount of visits, lasting a few days. Depending on how often you smoke, you’ll only need a few taps per day (or per hour), and you’re good to go. Second, it gives you very thick smoke. It gives you more strength to get higher faster and easier.

Unfortunately, it is more discreet than I would like it to be. Due to its strong blows, it leaves a strong and sweet aroma of hemp. You may not be aware, but it will leave a strong odor in your surroundings. It’s more of a fruity smell than a skunk smell, so it doesn’t stick and stays on forever.

There is no exact percentage of THC or laboratory test results.

On the back of the packaging, Buy exotic carts Online have many claims. Although it says it does not contain pesticides and 80-85% THC, this packaging is sold online everywhere through companies in China.

As mentioned above, there needs to be more clarity about the legitimacy of this company. Unfortunately, we must be skeptical of them due to a lack of information. The research available online from Reddit and other sources feels the same way.

Other than this, exotic cars do not provide a website. They have an official Instagram page with some posts. Also, it is difficult to differentiate between forgeries due to a lack of data.

A look inside this cartridge

Here is an inside look at this cartridge, as shown above. It looks a lot like Mario’s cars. Something I didn’t like about this design is how it’s built at the bottom. Its thickness makes it difficult to receive blows once it has little oil.

It comes in a cotton and plastic quartz coil, which is better than you imagined. I expected a stronger atomizer because it gave thick smoke when I hit it. The cable is wound around this coil and traverses to the bottom.

To conclude our review of Buy exotic carts Online: they are great but unfortunately suspicious I liked the power of this cart. Regardless of the harsh, burnt taste, it may be worth the price. I wish I could give it more value, but credibility reduces the value of this cart. I prefer to know that the oil I am smoking is clean and of quality, without pesticides.

Depending on their origins, these exotic cars can range from $ 40 to $ 60. Some people say some sellers sell them for an even higher price. Although we like these cars, our final analysis should recommend them.

With the guarantee of a legitimate company, we will know if it contains pesticides. It is also too easy to counterfeit the product if a company is not legitimate. They don’t have the means to fight fraud. With so many lab-tested products today, staying safe is worth the extra few dollars.


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