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Mind Tricks Toffee, two best friends who owned a candy shop in Cana420gass.com, was approached by a cannabis extract company to create a magical new product.

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A brand-new confection called Mind Tricks toffee combines the luxury of homemade candies with the strength of cannabis oil extracted using C02 technology. But this delicious edible results from a partnership between Jetty Extracts and Sweetbricks and is the ideal balance of pleasant and bad.

It is where truffle strain was invented. Once, two best friends, the owners of a candy store in San Diego, CA, approached a cannabis extract agency to create a magical new product. 

Therefore, the girls brought their knowledge of delicious food, proper diet management practices, and an attitude far from the basics and paired it with the best tricks strain cannabis extract in the galaxy. Sweetbox and the jetty section proudly present you with weed mind trick strain.

Mind fuck strain is a new creation that combines the power of cannabis oil made with CO2 with the fall of artisanal sweets. But a collaboration between Jetty Extracts and Sweetbrix, this delicious dish is the perfect punch, both mischievous and personable.

It is a serious indulgence. But the crunchy and sugary texture of the caramel is cut with creamy chocolate, and in the middle of all this, marshmallows mixed with campfire smoke and a little sea salt. I ate only 2 of the 5 20mg pieces that came to a little life. The effect came slowly, and q is quickly in the middle of all this. But there was no mind- we are in the middle of all this blowing journey here, just intense calm and a happy and elevated feeling. Its sweet candy certainly stole my heart.


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