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All products removed from the plant fall under the category of concentrates, which is a general phrase. Although extracts and concentrates are frequently used interchangeably, some describe extracts as goods produced using solvents but not as things taken from the plant using non-solvent techniques.

Why do we use concentrates?

You can have a stronger, purer, more plant-like flavor and a better overall experience by dabbing cannabis concentrates. When you choose to dab over other cannabis consumption methods, you'll experience the benefits of cannabis considerably faster because of its high concentration of THC and other cannabinoids.

What are concentrates made of?

Cannabis that has been highly concentrated through the removal of resin from the flower is what concentrates are essential. With this method, most cannabinoids are extracted, resulting in a product with more potency. Concentrates can be found in various cannabis products, including edibles and vaporizers.

How are concentrates made?

It is produced using a rosin press, a unique piece of machinery that is essentially a hydraulic press with heated plates. But the trichomes are manually shaken, ground off the plant material, and collected to create simpler concentrates like hash and kief.

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