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You probably used to smoke black hash with a pipe or hot knife back in the day. It is the easiest it gets. Take a few pieces off and inhale the distinct hash smell. A complex Indica-dominant strain with uplifting and calming effects is called Black Afghan. The blossoms grow into jade, pine tree-like colas with sugar leaves that are so dark green they almost look black. But the aromatic blend of pepper, earth, and sage in Black Afghan’s terpene profile, covered with dark berries, alludes to the strain’s mental and physical impacts. This strain is ideal for a relaxed afternoon because of its uplifting, heady buzz and calming, munchie-inducing physical effects.

The THC level of Soft Black Hash is at least 35%. This black hash for sale would remind you of the 1980s if you were alive then. This black Afghani hashish is soft but hard, and it tastes great in a pipe, crushed into a joint, or smoked with hot knives.

How to choose an Afghan Black Hash variety?

HASHE evaluating the quality and effects of hashish can be exceedingly challenging. Cannabis flowers have blatant signs of quality and strength, like scent and crystal covering. Hashish does not offer such evident cues and may include impurities if manufactured under unfavorable circumstances.

How to assess the quality of hashish?

In this article, I generally assume “hashish” means traditional types such as dry-sift or hand-rubbed, rather than the high-strength solvent extracts so popular today. However, I have also mentioned ice-o-later hash (now known as “solventless” extract) as it is common in Dutch coffee shops and can be assessed similarly to the traditional hash.

In coffee shops, it is not always possible to subject your potential hashish purchase to rigorous checks. Some of these checks include handling the hashish, and many coffee shop “dealers” generally try to prevent their products from being handled in case of dirty or perfumed hands compromising quality. But you can ask the dealer to demonstrate if you can’t touch it yourself. Contact us for more information.



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