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Purple Kush Shutter is a pure Indica that stands out from other Indica hybrids by its striking color and pleasant taste.

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Purple Kush Shatter is a pure indica that distinguishes itself from other indica hybrids by stunning color and pleasant flavor. It was initially created by breeders in Oakland, California, called Oxsterdam, one of the oldest legal cannabis sites in the United States. Purple Kush crosses between two indigenous indica varieties from south-central Asia: the Hindu Kush, the mountainous border between Pakistan and Afghanistan, and a purple Afghani.
The tendency to purple color is selectively obtained from the purple Afghan parental strain, when the plant’s anthocyanin and a chlorophyll-like pigment, is activated under that change the color of the leaves inWhen cured, this cured, that.

More About It Purple Kush Shatter

Like the Afghani parent strain, Purple Kush has a very high ability to form a sticky resin. They are making it valuable for hashes and other concentrations. The tightly curled flowers are covered in trichomes but give the green but purple kush OG and purple leaves a moist white hue. The orange pistils, intended to capture pollen from male plants, stand out among the already colorful flowers. Buy Chemdawg Shatter online


The appeal of the Purple Kush Shutter bag is not limited to the pictures. The buds taste great too. The initial impression smells of purple cannabis Afghani strain, a clay, almost musk of sandalwood. When burned purple seeds, the flowers simultaneously smell of fruit and hash, causing smoke, stinging sinuses, and severe coughing.

  • Purple Kush Effects Indica
    1. Effects:
    2. Euphoria,
    3. Happy,
    4. Hungry,
    5. Relaxing,
    6. Sleepy


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