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Fire OG is a dominant Indica hybrid that many consider the most potent fire OG weed strain on the planet. For more info to Contact me.

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The Fire OG is a dominant Indica hybrid cannabis that many consider the most potent Ozzy Kush strain on the planet. Although not recommended for inexperienced users, most tend to stick to shallow doses (1 to 2 visits). Buy Chemdawg Shatter online.

Most users find that instant brain stimulation is expelled from creative juices and creates waves of excitement. It comes with a compelling and relaxing body that often places people with lower tolerances on the couch or in bed.

Fire OG Kush Strain

Combining two different fire OG strains is the best choice for Ozzy. Its average THC level is 15%, while some crops have tested up to 20%. Its peak is relaxing, often making consumers drowsy with a lush, buzzing mind and body. Some reviewers claim that they have increased brain activity by increasing their creativity. Well covered, it will withstand a host of harsh conditions. In some cases,  zparkiez backpackboyz, this can lead to clogging of the sofa, so finishing this variety in the afternoon and evening is advisable. Fire bud is not recommended for new or novice cannabis users due to its robustness.

Therefore, depending on the user’s tolerance, the effects of this strain can last up to three hours. The scent of citrus, pine and fuel makes tulle’s mouth and eyes dry. Some users may also experience paranoia, anxiety or dizziness.




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