Hero Magic Mushrooms


Hero Magic Mushrooms is a strain created by a spore vendor, Quality Spores. Hero dose is a cross between Penis Envy and Amazonian.

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The Hero Magic Mushrooms is also known as the Psilocybe Cubensis Hero. It is a strain developed by quality spores. But this strain is a hybrid of the Penis Envy and Amazonian strains.

A heroic dose of Hero Mushrooms is no more than 5 grams—7 auctions in the silent darkness. Terrence McKenna, the great psychic (anyone who uses psychedelics to achieve higher consciousness and spiritual perfection), describes a heroic dose of mushrooms as consuming five-plus dried grams (15-20 grams if fresh). If they take responsibility, they can enrich your life. 

The rules are simple: eat five dry grams alone, in the dark, in silence, with your eyes closed. However, McKenna used massive quantities of Cannabis not prescribed by his “hero dose of shroom” instructions.

The hero dose of mushrooms, and visual waves make you aware of your liquid state of being. By 4 grams, your experience will get intense and last anywhere from 4 to 5 hours. But the Heroic dose would be 5 grams or more and can be overwhelming and last around 6 hours (but not typically longer).

Why do so many people order Hero’s Dose Mushrooms?

There are many reasons why people might order hero dose mushrooms. Some people may want to experience the psychedelic impacts of the mushrooms, while others may be interested in using them for medicinal purposes. Some people may also be curious about the taste or texture of the mushrooms.

Many people order hero dose mushrooms because they seek a way to escape their current reality. They may face problems at work or in their personal life or just be looking for a way to relax and forget about their troubles. Whatever the reason, heroes Dose shrooms provide an escape from reality that many people find appealing.


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