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Golden Teacher Special For Sale

Golden Teacher Special Magic Mushrooms is one of our best-selling varieties. This mushroom is known for its light gold caps and popularity with new and veteran psychonauts. 

This particular version of the Golden Teacher variety is grown by a master grower and then, using a proprietary lyophilization method, dried to a very different product than most customers are used to. The unique drying method preserves the beautiful shape of the mushrooms and creates an airy texture similar to puffed rice to the touch.

How Potent Are Golden Teachers’ Shrooms?

Golden Teacher shrooms are considered to be a relatively strong strain of shrooms. They typically contain around 2% psilocybin and 0.5% psilocin, slightly higher than average. Some people may find them to be too strong, while others may find them to be just right. It depends on the person’s tolerance and preferences.

Why Do So Many People Order Golden Teacher Magic Mushrooms?

There are many reasons why people might order Golden Teacher magic mushrooms. Some people may seek a way to relax and unwind, while others may seek a spiritual experience.

Golden mushrooms are also said to help treat anxiety and depression. Additionally, some believe Golden Teacher mushrooms can help to increase creativity and provide clarity of thought.

There are many reasons why people might order Golden Teachers Wiki. Some believe these mushrooms can help improve their mood or mental state, while others may use them for spiritual purposes.

Some people also enjoy the taste of these mushrooms, which they may use in cooking to add an extra depth of flavor to dishes. Whatever the reason, Golden Teacher Magic Mushrooms are a popular product, and many people swear by their benefits.

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