Master Kush Shatter


Master Kush Shatter is made from the highest quality Master Kush cannabis grown in Canada. Master Kush is an indica cannabis strain brought to us by the Dutch White Label Seed Company.

Master Kush Shatter is made with the highest quality cannabis grown in Canada. Master Kush is an indica cannabis strain brought to us by the Dutch White Label Seed Company. This Kush has a lineage dating back to several different local varieties in the Hindu Kush regions. This strain is known to provide a whole-body euphoria along with mind-numbing effects. Medical patients Master Kush Shatter For Sale will find that Master Kush provides substantial relief from pain, muscle spasms, inflammation, depression, and more. This Kush Shatter can be enjoyed inside a concentrate pen, a dab rig, or mixed with weed inside a bowl or joint.

Concentrated guide

  • Father: Hindu Kush
  • Similar to: Afghan Kush, Cannatonic, Fire OG
  • Flavors: Earthy, Spicy, Sweet
  • Effects: relaxed, happy, sleepy, hungry, euphoric
  • Medical: nausea, insomnia, pain, depression
  • Potency: 70-90% THC content

About Master Kush

Master Kush Shatter strain has won various awards over the years. It won the Cannabis Cup, known as the Pot Superbowl, twice, once in 1992 and once in 1993. It is also the variety of choice for none other than Snoop Lion (Snoop Dog).

Kush Master Shatter produces an intense but not overwhelming Master Kush Shatter 1g euphoria that can leave users in a happy haze. More experienced users report increased creativity and intellectual curiosity.

Adverse effects can include the usual dry eyes and mouth when smoking Master Kush. Some patients also encounter dizziness, paranoia, and stress at higher doses or when Master Kush is consumed as an edible.

The primary use of this strain is to relieve stress and tension. The strong indica-based results are ideal for relaxing at night. Master Kush is highly effective in treating insomnia. Its significant numbness can help control chronic pain. The solid and stereotypical ‘cravings’ produced by this strain can also help stimulate patients’ appetite with eating diseases such as anorexia and bulimia.

Master Kush is bred by Nirvana and is a cross between the true Hindu Kush and a Skunk. The strain blooms for approximately 63 to 70 days. Master Kush plants are best indoors or in a greenhouse, producing up to 200 grams per plant.

Since the arrival of master platinum kush, other 4 Grams Master Kush Shatter varieties have also adopted this name. Some are crosses of the true Master Kush, but others are mere knockoffs.


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