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Master Kush is a strain originally called High Rise, which comes from the south of Amsterdam. This Indica strain gained popularity in coffee shops.

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A strain initially known as High Rise from the southern region of Amsterdam is now known as Master Kush. This primarily Indica breed became well-known in local coffee shops as a distinctive tetraploid variety.

Diploid cannabis cultivars predominate. Each cell contains two sets of chromosomes, one from each parent. Tetraploid strains have eight chromosomes, four times as many as haploid strains.

Over the years, the strain has received numerous honors. Twice, in 1992 and 1993, he won The Cannabis Cup, also known as the Superbowl of marijuana. Additionally, Snoop Lion (Snoop Dog) prefers this strain.

Is Master Kush grow strong?

THC concentrations typically range from 15% to approximately 20% under ideal circumstances. She is a high THC strain as a result of this. Government surveys have shown that Dutch coffee shop cannabis typically has THC levels of 15% or less. Therefore, Master Kush grow will have a stronger high than the typical variety.

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Users of Master Kush grow may experience a strong but manageable high that can leave them in a joyful cloud. Users with more expertise report greater inventiveness and intellectual curiosity.

The typical smoking side effects of dry mouth and eyes may also occur. At greater doses or when master kush autoflower is taken as an edible, some individuals may report drowsiness, paranoia, and anxiety. But this strain is mostly used to reduce tension and anxiety. The potent indica-based effects are excellent for nighttime relaxation. For the treatment of insomnia, it works incredibly well.

Its strong body-numbing effect can aid in managing chronic pain. Patients with eating conditions like anorexia and bulimia may find it helpful to boost their appetites with the help of the potent and characteristic “munchies” induced by this strain.

Nirvana produces it and is a hybrid of a Hindu Kush and a Skunk. The strain blooms for 63 to 70 days on average. Master Kush vape thrives in indoor or greenhouse environments and can yield up to 200 grams per plant.

Other strains have adopted this name since the introduction of master kush vape. Some are simple copies, while others are crosses of the original Master Kush.




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