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Wollongong Magic Mushrooms are mysterious and legendary magic mushrooms that originated from the Illawarra scorpion near the Australian town of Olangong. 

Suppose you are tired of seeing Silosib Cubensis Magic Mushrooms because they have the same properties or looking for more powerful Cubensis Magic Mushrooms; Olongong is for you! Ongoing: You do not feed on the magic mushroom Silosibi Cubensis. He tends to be much more assertive and aggressive!

You’ve heard ‘Golden Tops’ from Down Under, ‘Golden Everything.’ This variety has a magic mushroom that gives it a unique characteristic, a creamy golden color to the mottled cap, stem, and flesh, unlike any other type of Cubensis currently available. 

Wide varieties will have yellow lines on the white branches, while the old stems will be completely golden. The picture above certainly needs to do the strain justice.

Our staff reports an above-average sentiment score beyond spiritual sentiments and general limits.

Wollongong Mushroom (Psilocybe cubensis Wollongong) is a variety of mushrooms from Australia. This variety was originally found near the Illawarra Escarpment near Wollongong, Australia. The MMD team has searched far and wide to find the truest genetics of what is initially a strain from the other side of the world.

Effect of Rusty White Mushrooms

After 10 to 40 minutes of eating exotic shrooms, Wollongong Magic Mushrooms, you will feel your mood lift with excitement and excitement. Depending on the dose, you may experience mild to severe visual improvement. 

You may think things are breathing, and the wildlife around you will feel more alive. And you will find yourself in reflective thought. The music and art will be seen and felt in the Orissa India mushroom trip report. You will have a more excellent perception and be able to relate the music or art to yourself more personally. The most common mouse dose (0.5-1.5g) and the moderate dose (2-3.5g) will give you a 3-6 hour drive.


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