Best Indoor Marijuana

Best Indoor Marijuana Strains for Profitable Business

Many of the friends of Experience Natural prefer indoor marijuana seeds. Therefore, in today’s ranking list, we bring you the best indoor marijuana, where we collect the top 5 varieties from all available banks. Without further ado, we start with the list of the best indoor marijuana.

Best Indoor Marijuana: Top 5

Next, we will offer you our favorite specimens, which we believe correspond to the best indoor marijuana. However, this does not mean that the rest of the varieties could not fit here. We recommend our picks for the season.

If you think we forgot any of them, you can remind us in the comments section that you will find below. We started!

Sugar bomb punch

We kick off the best indoor marijuana list with a sexy sugar bomb, the Sugar Bomb Punch from the Dutch seed bank Dutch Passion. It is one of the Dutch Passion novelties and combines American strains with their good genetic research work.

Talking about this plant’s genetics is talking about quality, and it is not surprising that it is on the list of the best indoor marijuana. In this way, this Indica-dominant plant arises from the crossing of a THC Bomb with a Critical Orange Punch x Bubba Island Kush. A flavorful, psychoactive lineage that works great indoors.

The result of this cocktail of premium Cannabis genetics is marijuana with a compact structure and low bearing. Besides, a large number of resin-coated buds proliferate along its multiple branches, which makes it an optimal variety for those who do Cannabis extractions at home.

The effects of this plant are very, very powerful, only suitable for experienced in the field. In this way, this plant has managed to reach 20% THC in its composition in laboratory tests. This marijuana has a very relaxing effect during the tasting, ideal for disconnecting and resting like a baby.

Finally, as far as flavor is concerned, this plant has a complete aromatic profile in which you can taste it, from sweeter flavors to hints of fruity character.

Tropicanna Banana

We continue with another plant that shows good qualities to be part of the best indoor marijuana. It is the Tropicanna Banana from one of our favorite banks, Barney’s Farm. All the tropical aroma of the Californian strains accompanied by potent psychoactive effects.

Tropicanna Banana is descended from Cannabis Cannabis specimens of Girl Scout Cookies, a Banana Kush, and Tangie. That is why this variety is so tasty and powerful. It’s the latest addition to the Cali line from Barney’s Farm. Strains that arise from research and the crossing of the best specimens to offer California’s best taste to growers worldwide.

Best Indoor Marijuana

It is a plant that, due to its ancestors, has a medium size, which will never exceed 110 cm indoors. This plant fits the best indoor marijuana profile for the vigorous growth it offers and its ease of cultivation. Along with its potency and flavor, it is in the marijuana Olympus.

Its effects are potent. So much so that in compositional studies, Tropicanna Banan produced results of between 22% and 25% THC. Barneys indicates that the effects are stimulating and creative during the onset and evolving to a much more relaxing “high” in the long run.

But without a doubt, the most pleasant surprise of this variety is shown in production. It is a monster capable of producing up to 7 00 grams of harvest per square meter indoors. For its part, outdoors, this Tropicanna Banana will produce up to 2 kilos per plant.

To finish, let’s talk about the aroma of this variety. It is a deeply fruity tropical aroma. During the tasting, aromas of tropical fruits are appreciated, among which the banana stands out.


We continue with the Dutch berry or ” Dutch Berry,” as its creators called it, the Artizen seed bank, a company known for the quality of its seeds and derived products. Dutch Berry fits our list of the best indoor marijuana for being a Cannabis Sativa hybrid with fascinating indoor garden qualities.

If we look at this interesting strain’s origin, we find such delicious ancestors as the famous Dj Short Blueberry and the Dutch Treat. Both varieties are known for their wealthy organoleptic profiles, great power, and production capacity.

Due to its 60% Sativa genetics, it is a plant that grows a little more than those mentioned above. In this way, it also has a medium internodal distance to obtain a good production of well-compacted buds distributed in long tails typical of Sativa marijuana.

We all know that Sativas can produce a little less than Indica, especially when it comes to growing indoors. But in the case of copies, the Dutch Berry does not happen, and you can get a decent yield of indica in a plant with Sativa dominance. Thus, up to 550 grams per square meter can be obtained indoors and up to 600 grams per plant outdoors.

Artizen comments that the effects of this strain enhance creativity and are very energetic.

Its aroma is a combination of nuances that gives rise to a delicious aromatic profile. We find flavors of berries, raspberries, orange, and deeply fruity marijuana awarded as a winner of the Dope magazine cup in 2016.

Californian Gold

Californian strains are in fashion and are also on the list of the best indoor marijuana. Paradise Seeds is the seed bank in charge of signing the creation of this wonderful and resinous strain, the Californian Gold, a whole resin candy and buds frosted.

Paradise Seeds’ work is based on the genetic study of the best North American Cannabis varieties for those who do not know. In particular, this bank works with Landrace strains from the first specimens that emerged in the California region, the birthplace of some of our favorite strains today.

This plant with 80% Indica genetics has an average size typical of this type of plant. One of the reasons it is present in the best indoor marijuana is its ability to achieve excellent production quickly and the possibility of being compatible with a crop in a small space.

Californian Gold can produce up to 500 grams per square meter of indoor cultivation and 750 grams per plant in outdoor cultivation. It’s excellent data for a strain with outstanding properties like this one. Besides, this plant’s buds are wrapped in resin and are perfect for making cannabis extractions of the highest quality.

The psychoactive effects of Californian Gold are worthy of the best indoor marijuana. In this way, this plant reaches a good concentration of 22% THC. Its effects are powerful but, at the same time, balanced between the physical and the brain. Also, it has a possible medicinal use that may be interesting.

Finally, its aroma is exquisite, and you can taste sweet and fruity nuances, as well as citrus notes.

Purple punch

We finish the list of the best indoor marijuana with a specimen with a lot of punch. It’s Purple Punch, one of the most interesting novelties that one of our favorite seed banks offers us, Barney’s Farm. It is super-potent marijuana with spectacular organoleptic properties.

Its origin is given by the crossing of quality specimens of Granddaddy Purple and Larry OG. Two strains capable of providing all the power, spectacular production, and out of control effects. For us, without a doubt, the best indoor marijuana for its diverse qualities.

It is an Indica strain with little size but with a lot of branching. In this way, its lateral branches are filled with resinous buds during flowering. Besides, during this stage and the moments before the harvest, Purple Punch shows some of the most beautiful violet colors. A whole show of plant.

It is a strong plant that will resist almost anything; another reason is the best indoor marijuana. Also, one of its highlights is its huge production. Purple Punch can produce 700 grams per square meter indoors and up to 2 kilos per plant outdoors.

It is a potent plant, with THC concentrations reaching 25%. Besides, it is also a playful, pleasant effect that will make you feel as if you are floating on a cloud. Its aroma is excellent and reminiscent of pastries such as apple pie.

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