Marijuana Outdoors

How to Grow Marijuana Outdoors

Growing marijuana outdoors produces a higher yield, gives your buds a unique flavor, and is far less energy-intensive than indoor grow lights. Outdoor weed plants can grow up to 14 feet (4.3 m) tall and produce 4–8 pounds (1.8–3.6 kg) of quality weed per plant–and it’s not rocket science to grow weed outdoors.

How to increase yield outdoors?

There are several reasons to use an outdoor grow guide. For example, if you live in a warm country because hemp plants grow best in a tropical climate. When there is naturally a lot of heat, sunlight, and excellent light, you can grow marijuana outside. However, marijuana plants grow outdoors in a different way than indoors. Due to the changing weather conditions, you have less control over growing cannabis. On this page, we help you start growing marijuana outdoors.

Why would you grow marijuana outside?

You also know marijuana as weed, hemp, or cannabis. They are all names of the same plant. Besides the herb as a soft recreational drug, it is also used medicinally. More and more countries are allowed to smoke cannabis products and consume them in other ways. Sometimes only by prescription, but also as a stimulant under often strict conditions. For example, many people use the herb to calm down and fight depression, who then qualify for a specific amount of cannabis through their doctor. It can also relieve arthritis and other chronic conditions. Tests are also done for the treatment of cancer and sclerosis. So it’s not surprising that more and more home growers are starting to grow marijuana for their use.

Outdoor grow guide yield has several advantages, such as:
  • You don’t have to spend that much money to grow marijuana outdoors.
  • If the soil is moist and nutritious, you don’t have to give as much water or plant nutrition yourself.
  • No need to buy expensive lamps if there is enough sunlight.
  • Also, no extra ventilation is necessary for outside light.
  • Plants have more room to grow, so a higher yield per plant can be expected.
  • Although you will need a few little green fingers and some simple tools, you won’t have to spend money on special equipment and tools.

So you choose an excellent place to grow marijuana outdoors. When you decide to go out to work, you will be the first to think of a suitable place. At this stage, you already have various possibilities, some of which depend on your personal goals. For example, you have to consider the number of plants you want to sow, where you live, legal consequences, and if you’re going to grow hemp on your land or another. You can start in your backyard or somewhere secluded in the woods. When you’ve chosen the right place, it’s time to take the next step.

If you grow marijuana outdoors, starting the germination process beforehand is advisable. This way, you’ll get off to a flying start if you start developing on dry land. Make sure you have enough pots or bags prepared with moist soil. Of course, you will also need enough space for the germination process. When the germinated seeds form leaves, they need enough light to grow. Also, the temperature has to be in order.

To advanced outdoor growing techniques on dry land, you must ensure that the soil is suitable. The humidity level must be good, and the ground must contain enough nutrition. But the humidity level will be significant if you plant outside without germinating beforehand. At the moment, sunlight does not play a role, but the bright sun can dry out the soil. Cannabis seeds need a lot of moisture without being soggy.

Growing up on the bank of a river

It is also challenging to get to these places. You may have to swim through a river to get to your guerilla marijuana garden because there’s a good chance that most people aren’t up for that.

Advanced outdoor growing techniques on a rooftop

A roof deck gives your plants a full day of sunshine, but odors and strong winds can be a problem. Small amounts of wind are ideal for thicker stems, but constant wind conditions (such as those found in coastal areas) are unsuitable for marijuana plants.

marijuana outdoors

Some people need access to terraces, balconies, or gardens, but another roof can work fine. If you can find an empty building in which the roof is not easily accessible to anyone but you, then you may have a perfect urban area for your outdoor marijuana growth.

How to increase yield during flowering outdoor marijuana drying on the roof?

Growing on roofs that are hard to reach but not vacant can be tempting. Just remember that appliances or equipment like air conditioners may be up there and need regular maintenance.

How to grow exotic weed plants eight tips for outdoors?

You can grow cannabis seeds both indoors and outdoors in beautiful hemp plants. There are several differences between growing indoors and outdoors. When you start working outside, you should plan as much as possible because you have different control during the growth and flowering phases when growing grass indoors. 

Some types of cannabis need special care from the beginning, and other plants may need a little more. Remember that grass plants can grow much larger outside, so you need a lot of space and privacy. Here are some practical tips for growing marijuana outdoors:

  1. First, find a suitable place to grow.
  2. Choose to germinate before planting or sow directly into the ground.
  3. If you choose to germinate in pots or bags, you must fill them with good soil with the proper moisture content. Also, keep the ground at the ideal temperature so that the possibility of having healthy seedlings is greater.
  4. When the seedlings have appeared, you can transfer them to larger pots or plant them directly into the ground.
  5. Plants can only grow well in moist soil with sufficient sunlight and heat. By the way, you don’t have to give them a lot of water at this stage. The moist soil is enough to develop the roots, stems, and leaves.
  6. After a few weeks of growth, it is time to add some plant nutrition. You can make your compost or buy plant food especially suitable for marijuana plants. Overfeeding can be worse than undernutrition, so don’t overfeed plants.
  7. Water the grass plants regularly; too much water is not good here either. Then the roots can rot, and the plants can drown.
  8. Patience is a virtue. With growing marijuana outdoors, you will have to wait about five months until you can harvest, depending on the type of weed seeds.

When growing marijuana outdoors, you can expect a higher yield than when growing indoors. It doesn’t mean that it’s free from risks. For example, controlling pests, fungi, and insects are more complicated. The plants can be stolen when plants are on public land or clearly in view. It would help if you also had more control over sunlight and precipitation. 

From planting to harvest, it takes longer than growing indoors. Often you can only harvest once per season. But don’t be discouraged. Many people have already successfully grown marijuana outdoors!

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