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THC / Alcohol 151 Overproof Rum is the highest % of rum alcohol you will find in USA & Canada. 151% Proof Jamaican rum. They are combined with pure THC extract.

Buy Alcohol 151 Overproof Rum Online

Welcome to Alcohol 151 Overproof Rum, a spirit that embodies strength, boldness, and a rich history. This exceptional beverage is not for the faint-hearted; it commands attention and demands respect. With its intense flavor profile and high alcohol content, Alcohol 151 Overproof Rum For Online stands out as a true powerhouse among spirits.

Crafted with meticulous care and precision, Buy Alcohol 151 Overproof Rum Online is a testament to the centuries-old rum-making tradition. This potent libation derives its name from its amazing alcohol content of 75.5% ABV (Alcohol by Volume), making it one of the strongest rums available. It’s a drink that has captured the imagination of adventurers, mixologists, and rum enthusiasts alike, drawing them into its captivating world.

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30 ml/vial$80.00

Buy THC 151 Overproof Rum online. Alcohol 151 Overproof Rum Price in 151% Jamaican Rum Proof. It is the most notable% of rum liquor you will discover in the USA. USA And Canada. A blend with unadulterated THC, it is a moderate multi-day process that produces an amazing tincture that does various jobs.

Try 1 or 2 drops or splashes to get started, particularly if you have never tried it because it contains a high pool of THC and alcohol. If the flavor discourages you, include 1 or 2 drops or showers in half a glass of water or your favorite soft drink to cover the flavor.

Despite the big changes in the bud used, tinctures are useful for quickly transmitting a pinnacle. And after that, they bring a lasting high for a significant period.

The tinctures don’t smell (except if you open the jar!). So you can carefully transport them wherever you go. And you won’t have to worry about finding a place to smoke. You can purchase tinctures at most weed restoration clinics. Or, in case you feel innovative, you can explore different ways to make your tinctures at home. Here are the essential rules. 


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